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After much thought and regret, we have decided to stop mail order service. We will continue to be open at the nursery and offer some of the plants tha...
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Evermay Nursery is a micro nursery located near Bangor, Maine. We specialize in alpine plants and Primula species and hybrids which are hardy in New England. At present our production is small and many items are in limited supply. We are open only by appointment.

Wholesale catalog is available. Please call for information.

All plants offered on our catalog page are at least one year old and will come well established in plastic pots.

Most of our plants come in 3.5" to 5" pots. Compared with other mail order nurseries, these are huge pots. We take this approach because of two important considerations. First we overwinter our plants out of doors subject to New England cold. The larger, more established plants fare better. Second, we know that many busy gardeners aren't always able to plant out new arrivals immediately. Our plants will be quite happy for several weeks in their old familiar pots.

Click here to learn more about Rock garden plants.

Click here to learn more about Primula species and hybrids.


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